#GPConf Autumn 2015 – A First Timer’s Take


Written by Kylie Barton                                                                  

The sun shone on us Greens last weekend as we travelled down to Bournemouth in our thousands for the Autumn Green Party Conference, the first since the election, and the first since Corbynmania grabbed the nation. So there was plenty to talk about.

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In the event of a Corbyn Win

How Jeremy Corbyn are you? - Wales news - NewsLocker

Written by Kylie Barton (this is a comment piece containing the opinions of the author, not The Green Party).

There has been much speculation about what will happen to the Green Party in the event of a Corbyn win, and in the event of a Corbyn lose. This conundrum will start to unravel at around midday tomorrow, when the country learns who will be entrusted with leading the opposition for the next 5 years.

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