Generation Green


Caitlin Greenwood on why she joined The Green Party, and why she thinks her generation will have the biggest positive impact on our planet.


Caitlin with Eastleigh MP, Mims Davies

Written by Caitlin Greenwood, Eastleigh Green Party

My name is Caitlin, I have been involved with the Green Party since the May 2015 elections despite being only 14 when I joined.

I joined the Green Party buzzing with ideas and wanting to join in with all the activist action. Many people in the Green Party have been very welcoming to me (if somewhat surprised by my age).

The main reason I joined in the Green Party is because I don’t follow the conventional school system.  I am home educated and have more free time to spare, allowing me to focus on my interests and working on my confidence.

It is a strong belief of mine that the Green Party is the future, and my generation is the one wanting to get involved to make the change, one way or another. We are the ones that will have to live with our ancestor’s mistakes, and so the Green Party gives a viable option of a sustainable future.

A child’s mind is both innocent and knowledgeable, with the foresight to see what destruction we are inflicting on ourselves and the planet. Yet even with the massive green surge, I have to wonder will we get there in time?

It is another strong belief of mine that we are the generation with the biggest potential to have an impact. The ones to resolve the problems we face. We as children can see the massive cloud of destruction heading towards us, not blinded by money… yet. We have the capability to make change happen, if we work together for a common cause.

The signs of our green generation are already emerging in people like Malala Yousafzai, who defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls should be allowed to receive an education, and Severn Cullis-Suzuki (a.k.the girl who stopped the world for five minutes), who gave a talk on climate change to the U.N.

Severn gave her talk in 2008, speaking out for all children and the planet, yet things are still moving slowly – how slowly can they go before the planet finally comes to a stop? This new generation needs to help speed things up. I joined the Green Party to help make that difference, and to help people see what we are inflicting on ourselves.

So far in my journey I have accomplished many things. I am now an active member of the Green Party, I have spoken to my local MP to work towards extra funding for GCSEs’ for home educated children.  I hold two officer roles in my local party, Creative officer and Youth officer and I have begun to start my own sub group, with help from others. I work with other officers to advertise the Green Party and come up with new ideas, and I think up different ideas to get younger people involved.

My main goals are to: – get more people involved in the Green Party, to help them see the harm we are causing, to work on my sub group and get involved in the young greens.

My generation is the one that can make the difference, and if we start now just think what we can achieve!





One thought on “Generation Green

  1. Brilliant article Caitlin! It was good to meet you in Winchester a couple of months ago. Your writing is as inspiring as you are in person.


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